Beeple History

What, Who is Beeple?

In 1996 after landing a huge deal, a lost job lead Benjamin to the world of telecommunications. Yes, you read that right. I had closed the largest contract for our company, a multi-site Credit Union in Las Vegas, and the install was wrapping up when my boss said.

“I am closing the company.” (Lost Job) – “Don’t worry, though, I got you a job working for my brother.”

Sitting down across from his brother was great. Mike was cool. He drove a big Chevy truck and was young, successful, and confident. “I don’t like salespeople and have never had one that worked. Here he said – shoving the brochures across the desk of the product he sold, Comdial and KeyVoice. If you want to learn, read this and go sell something.”

It turns out I did work and have ever since.

Since that day, spending my time supporting Channel Partners with my sales efforts has been my role, either side by side as Partner and salesperson, or side by side as Partner and Channel Manager. I have had the great privilege of working side by side with some of the finest Channel Partners anywhere on the Planet. I have represented some of the finest products and manufacturers, from Key Voice/Comdial to Panasonic.

So how do we get to Beeple?

Over the years, it has been a delight to help many partners build recurring revenue that significantly enhances their company value.

Yet sometimes, there are competing solutions. Some offer a slight edge that would benefit the client or Partner greatly, either from a Peace of mind or robust product standpoint.

What if there was a way to procure and curate a selection of the BEST products and services? What if that leads to happier clients and Partners? What if that too increased their recurring revenue and, in the end, their company value even more?

BEEPLE – is just that. A solution source that helps Partners find technology solutions that put people first.